We help you achieve
efficiencies through reliable
and professional software porting

Achieve efficiencies through software porting

Finding ways to reduce cost, add capabilities or increase the performance of embedded software is of real importance to many companies. One approach is to make software operate in a system for which it was not originally designed – a process called ‘porting’.

Since embedded software is often closely related to the hardware or software environment it was originally developed for, porting to a different environment can be a complex, risky and time-consuming process.

Porting reliably and professionally

Completing an embedded software portingproject successfully demands experience with a wide variety of hardware, run-time software and development tools. By using specialist services to undertake software porting, effort and risk can be significantly reduced.

We offer a range of services to help you port software to your target environment reliably and with low risk. This can range from providing advice on how best to undertake a port through to porting and testing complete software systems.

With more than 30 years of experience in the customisation and porting of embedded software solutions, we understand the technical and business issues at the core of your system, and can enable your applications to safely benefit from new generations of hardware and software.

We are best suited to porting your embedded software. Our expertise, proven process and tools provide exceptional quality, reliability and speed of delivery to our customers.

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