Security Issues with the IoT

2018-07-02T10:41:12+01:00June 7, 2016|Blog|

The ability to connect, communicate with, and remotely manage immense numbers of networked, automated devices via the internet has now permeated all areas of our lives. However, against a wider backdrop of increasing cyber fraud and online crime, our growing reliance on interconnected devices is raising serious concerns about security.

Why is so much Embedded Code Unreadable?

2018-07-02T10:41:55+01:00February 20, 2015|Blog|

The importance of readability is not just about aesthetics and beautiful code – although that plays a part – but it relates directly to the overall lifecycle cost of software.

Is Embedded System Design a Valued Profession?

2018-07-02T10:43:58+01:00January 21, 2015|Blog|

We're optimistic about the future of embedded design as a profession. As better tools become available, the demands on embedded system designers are growing equally as fast, or even faster.

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