Is Embedded System Design a Valued Profession?

2018-07-02T10:43:58+01:00January 21, 2015|Blog|

We're optimistic about the future of embedded design as a profession. As better tools become available, the demands on embedded system designers are growing equally as fast, or even faster.

Embedded Software Skills: Staying Ahead of the Curve

2018-07-02T10:52:50+01:00August 30, 2014|Blog|

As embedded software developers, keeping our skills up to date is a continuous challenge, but it's essential for us to exceed the needs of our customers. Here is a flavour of how we at Pebble Bay stay ahead of the curve.

What is Embedded Software?

2018-07-02T11:08:39+01:00July 8, 2014|Blog|

Embedded software allows many of the advanced functions that are common in modern devices. Whilst embedded software can be very simple, it can also be very sophisticated in applications such as process control systems, military weaponry and airplanes.

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