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Embedded software for telecommunications

With convergence, maturing markets, greater competitive pressures, proliferating product offerings and ever-increasing customer demands and expectations, it is essential that telecommunications products are designed and built to the highest standards.

Given the levels of intelligence and complexity being incorporated in telecommunications equipment, embedded software is becoming even more integral to the success of equipment in the marketplace. The telecommunications industry needs embedded solutions with high and lasting reliability, fast development and deployment, low maintenance, and compliance to industry standards.

Why Pebble Bay?

Exposure – Our Embedded Software for Telecommunications expertise includes 32-bit and 64-bit processors, highly integrated System-on-Chip devices, programmable logic, open-source software, Linux kernel, device drivers and LAN protocols. Given the industry’s reliance on open source technologies, we have wide experience of adapting products based on Linux and other open source software.

We have a large customer base where our contribution has been a key part of their development including:

  • Linux kernel and driver development and enhancement
  • Cryptographic hardware programming and algorithm support
  • Synchronous Ethernet protocol development
  • Automated test framework development
  • Software documentation framework

Capabilities – Our capabilities include the development of embedded software and the design of embedded hardware with a focus on custom hardware bring-up, RTOS and Linux BSP and device driver development, and protocol/middleware porting and adaptation.

Operational and service excellence – We encourage customers to provide feedback on our performance during and after projects. As a result, we adapt our processes to maintain and improve our record of on-time and within-budget completion, high-quality deliverables and effective project management.

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